We welcome you to have a look around, read through our timetable, class descriptions and download / find us on the Mind Body App Link to start booking your Yoga today! We are a friendly and casual bunch of Yogi's here at Yoga Fix and can't wait meet you on the mat.

New to Yoga Fix? Try our 2 week pass!

We offer all newbies unlimited 2 weeks of Yoga classes for $30.00!

Click the link further down to purchase your 2 weeks today. 

- - - Studio Policies - - -

Children at Yoga Fix

We only accept adult children from 16 years on age with their parents coming to the classes as well. 

Pre Natal Yoga

We accept Pre Natal Mums to be from 16 weeks and pre natal clients can only attend Sarah's Pre Natal Classes on Monday evenings at 7pm as well as our feature classes specific for Mums to Be.

*** Two week pass does not include pre natal classes - this is a specialised class we run for Mums to be. 

Fitness Passport

Please head to our Contact Us Tab to register your FPP details with us! 

B O O K I N G S  E S S E N T I A L 

Due to the size of our studio, bookings are essential, and on the flip side, cancellations are just as important so that the waitlisted clients have a chance to make it to class. If you purchase causal classes, ten class pass or have a membership with capped classes, if you late cancel, you loose this class on your pass due to not being able to fill the space. 


Owner, Yoga Instructor


Health, Fitness and Wellbeing has always been a passion of Liz's and before completing her Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, she completed her certificates III and IV in Personal Training and worked for a local gym. 

In 2013 Liz packed up her things and relocated to London to experience all the different things the world has to offer. Once Liz returned to Mackay in 2016, she connected with Yoga Fix and hasn't looked back.

The people, energy and love that Yoga Fix is known for is contagious and Liz loves spreading all those good feelings like glitter!  

In 2018 Liz is all set to make some changes under her new ownership cap and continue to support the great Yoga Fix Community by offering the same quality classes, encouragement and kindness in the Yoga Fix way. 


Wanna Yoga with us?

Check out what we have to to get you into your own yoga groove.

*** Warning:  A committed yoga practice may lead to unlimited happiness, a purpose filled life and inner and outer peace... 

Practice at your own risk of all these things and more.


5 Yoga Classes per month

Our first tier of memerbship is designed for those who are committed to their once weekly yoga practice, for those yogi's who wish to compliment their other forms of wellness or to commit to an hour a week to restore, reconnect and refresh. 

*** Classes renew on the same date each month, unused classes are not carried over to the next month, minimum 12 weeks commitment required. 


8 Yoga Classes per month

Tier two membership are for those looking to commit to a little more to themselves each week, perhaps 2 classes a week or come more often one week than the other in the month because life gets a little crazy sometimes so you want to know you have a space to come and hit refresh. 

*** Classes renew on the same date each month, unused classes are not carried over to the next month, minimum 12 weeks commitment required. 


Unlimited Yoga Fix Access

Tier three membership for you means unlimited monthly access to Yoga Fix, to yoga at any time of the day with us... If you find you are coming to practice at least 3 times a week consistently or wish to make a beautiful habit / ritual for yourself daily or weekly, this is the membership for you. 

*** Minimum 12 weeks commitment required.


Your first two weeks unlimited

New to Yoga? Or new to Yoga Fix?

We welcome you to come and join us for your first two weeks unlimitedly for only $30.00. 

We encourage you to come to as many classes as you lie and to meet all of us here at Yoga Fix, we offer different classes for different purposes so come along and get the Yoga Fix Experience. 

*** 2 Week Trial to be used consecutively.

*** 2 Week Trial begins after payment.


10 Classes - 6 months to use

The ten pass is for those who wish to come regularly but maybe life can't be consistent right now which is more than okay. You have 6 months to use your ten classes. 

*** No refunds on unused passes, no extensions provided for unused classes. 


1 x Yoga Class

Passing through town and wish to come and join in on the fun at Yoga Fix Mackay? Feel free to purchase a casual pass to use while you are here.

If you are planning on being here for a little while but not forever, go ahead and purchase the two week trial and get more yoga whether you are here for work or leisure. 


0438 133 315

39 Gordon St 'The Loft' Above Trinity Op Shop, Mackay QLD 4740, Australia

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