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Owner & Yoga Instructor 'Lady Boss'

Liz completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 with Tammy Williams from Yoga NRG who traveled to Mackay at the time to deliver YTT locally through out that year. ⠀
Shortly after completing her YTT, Liz packed her backpack and headed to Thailand for a Yoga Intensive at The Yoga Retreat before relocating to live in London.⠀
The next three years were full of work, meeting new people, traveling and just generally have a bloody great time. ⠀

Returning to Mackay at the beginning of 2016, Liz rolled her Yoga Mat out and dusted off the chaturangas to start teaching casually at Yoga Fix while finding her feet again in Aus and figuring out if Mackay would be home again or not.⠀

CUE ENTRANCE Cameron (Mr Yoga Fix) ⠀
Liz and Cam met (again) shortly after she returned home and it didn't take long to know that it was a sure thing...⠀

Fast forward a few years and now they run Yoga Fix together, Cam mostly a silent partner and sounding board while Liz does the groundwork and all the ins and outs of running a small business while also working part time. ⠀

Liz loves delivering strong practices on the timetable with Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Strong Power and the not so traditional yoga (but FUN!) ... Fiit Yoga. ⠀
Liz L O V E S taking part in the slow stuff... LSD, Wind Down, Long Slow Flow, YIN and restorative.⠀

Liz is so grateful for our amazing Yoga Instructors who take so much pride in their work as Yoga Teachers to make Yoga Fix the best it can be in all aspects;⠀
* Quality Yoga⠀
* Community⠀
* Genuine Connection & joy⠀
* Genuine jokes, puns and laughter⠀

What’s on Liz's agenda for 2020? ⠀
* Facilitate more Feature classes for the girls to spread their passion. ⠀
* Continue the good vibes for our members⠀
* Welcome new comers to our beautiful studio.⠀
* Turn 30 & Plan a wedding... ⠀
* Take breaks to recharge & refresh⠀
* Continue to find the joy in each day and not take what we have for granted.⠀

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Yoga Instructor  'The Squatinator'

After years of practicing yoga, including being one of the first members of Yoga Fix Mackay, Marion’s passion for yoga led her to become a teacher in 2016 and has been teaching at Yoga Fix ever since. Marion loves to inspire yoga students to live each moment more mindfully.

In 2016 Marion travelled to Koh Tao, Thailand and completed her 200 hour Multi Style Yoga training under the instruction of international teachers Bjorn Marcus, Jules Barber and Mahinder Prasad of Mahi Power Yoga (Dharamshala, India).

Marion is Yoga Alliance certified and to further her knowledge, in 2017, Marion studied with Nicky Knoff of Knoff Yoga in Cairns, QLD and completed certification in Level 1 – Discovery and Level 2 – Chair Yoga.
Marion is very passionate about health and wellbeing for all abilities, and with this qualification it allow her to offer Yoga practice to parts of the broader community with varying fitness levels and abilities.

Marion attended a 7 day intensive Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course (Chinese Medicine, Meridian Nidra & Hip Anatomy) with international Yin Yoga teacher Jo Phee and attained her certificate and now uses this knowledge to create super sweet programs for our Long Slow Deep Yogi’s.
Marion also has a qualification in Thai Yoga Massage… which is just a divine experience.

Marion loves teaching energetic creative flows as well as the slow flows and enjoys inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals.
Marion is sometimes (lovingly?) referred to as the ‘squatenator’ due to the fact that her favourite pose is the squat and has developed a special routine for her students.

Marion’s goal is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. Marion is enthusiastic about sharing yoga with people of all levels and yoga backgrounds, from absolute beginner to seasoned practitioner.
Marion’s Yoga ‘tag line’ is ‘Do Yoga Be Happy’ and sometimes, it is as simple as that!

In her personal life, Marion is very passionate about her family and has recently become a grandmother to a beautiful little girl and has already bought her a yoga mat.

Marion’s goal for 2020 is to continue her yoga journey and invest in further studies.

We are so very lucky to have Marion be apart of our Yoga Fix Family and share her passion. We have constant raving reviews of her kindness and gentleness (excluding squats) in delivering her Yoga to our clients.



Yoga Instructor, Studio Plant Caretaker

Caity has been a member of Yoga Fix for a few years now and with some gentle prodding completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tammy from Yoga NRG through out 2021.

Caity grew up dancing and has been active her entire life.  When a running injury presented itself, her physio suggested to try yoga to help rehab ... and well Caity hasn't looked back. 

Caity enjoys the stronger and challenging class styles to empower her students but also loves the place that yin and gentle hatha flows have in her practice. 

Caity has also taken on the important role of Plant Caretaker for the studio as Liz is hopeless. 



Yoga Instructor

Elaine has been one of our latest additions to the teaching team at Yoga Fix Mackay and we have had nothing but awesome reviews of her classes. 
She currently teaches mixed levels in Hatha, Vinyasa, Power (including Hot Power), Yin and Restorative styles of Yoga.
Elaine was first introduced to yoga over 20 years ago. Her practice was sporadic and intermittent however, over recent years found her way back to the path of Yoga.  She has since been practicing yoga asana postures consistently for a few years now, and was desperately keen to deepen her own yoga asana and meditation practices, she attended x3 Yoga Retreats (Australia and overseas) within 12 months; during which time she made a decision to become an instructor, to further deepen her practice and share the yoga vibe with others. 
Despite a niggling musculoskeletal issue and a recent injury (Note: neither were incurred during yoga practice), and a “It’s-Never-Too-Late” attitude, Elaine grabbed her bags and flew off to Thailand to complete her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (July 2019) during a month intensive under the unparalleled guidance of Principal Teacher & Program Director - Johnny Nasello (e500 RYT, YACEP) at Ananda Pure Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand. 
Elaine is trained in Alignment Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation. With an alignment focus, her classes aim to suit the individual person’s body and ability. 
To add to past experiences in other modalities related to health and wellness, Elaine is also a Certified Level 1 Practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage (June 2018), trained by Danielle Mondahl, lineage stemming from (late) Kam Thye Chow – founder of Lotus Palm School.
Elaine enjoys balancing her time between a high stress job which includes doing shift work to chilling out & being at the studio, Elaine brings with her a professional background in anatomy and physiology and has a keen interest in alignment and functional anatomy.  Her ongoing yoga journey and passion to learn, to discover all facets of Yoga, shows in her enthusiasm to teach and extend her teaching to be able serve others; helping others discover the benefits and true meaning of Yoga. 
On her Yoga journey she has discovered the overall insight of Yoga, and how as a whole, Yoga has been beneficial to her own health and wellbeing, physically and spiritually.  Because of this she is deeply passionate about inspiring, motivating and guiding students through their own Yoga journeys, and encourages students to enjoy the experience of breath, movement and yoga philosophy; to apply the moments learnt on their mats, into their daily lives.
Elaine’s classes provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment to enable students to explore their boundaries.  Her teaching is inviting and enjoyable.  Joined with her karma, and joyful energy, Elaine’s calm, caring nature and genuine smiling self is conveyed to all.
An influential yogini and proud grandmother, Elaine’s grandchild has also found a connection to her own yoga mat – just as her Nanny does J
Elaine is excited to have already planned on embarking on further training and yoga studies this year, to extend her knowledge and skills to everyone…Watch this space!
Be sure to come and try one of Elaine’s classes, you will love it and her!

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Yoga Instructor - Coffee Connoisseur

Shelley has had a passion for yoga since 2013 when she was first introduced to the practice by a friend when she was living overseas.

Her initial love of yoga stemmed from all things power and strong, and over the years has taken a liking to a slower and more mediative style.

Being a Primary School Teacher, it only seemed natural to want to share her passion of yoga with children, completing her kids yoga training in 2020.

In 2021 Shelley completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and is bursting at the seams to spread her yoga joy through teaching.

In her spare time Shelley enjoys keeping fit and active, learning new things and her morning coffee.

Please help us in welcoming Shelley to the Yoga Fix Fam.

PS - this is most serious face we have ever seen Shelley express, taking her WII very seriously.



Yoga Instructor

A little about Jess,

Jess has been a curious and dedicated yogi for a few years now, after being introduced to the practice by her Mamma 🤍

To deepen her practice, knowledge and passion for yoga Jess completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 and has since been continuing her personal yoga journey.

As you can gather from her beautiful picture her soul matches her smile and we cannot wait for Jess to start sharing her yoga joy at
Yoga Fix 🤍

Jess' regular class will be Tuesday 9:15am Hatha Flow but will also be jumping in around the schedule.

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Yoga Instructor

Sarah discovered yoga through a friend and was drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, as well as the sense of community that Yoga Fix has to offer. The ability to create calm and clarity of her mind surprised and surpassed her expectations of yoga. ⠀

Her yoga teacher journey began from the desire to share the full benefits of yoga as well as deepening her personal practice. ⠀

Sarah loves to travel so it was only fitting that she decided to complete her yoga teacher training aboard. She also loves beach, so with these criteria in mind she found a little studio on an island away from the hustle to immerse in her yoga teacher training. ⠀

In June 2019 she completed her 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with Certified Yoga Teacher Leah Sugerman on a small, peaceful island in Bali. ⠀
Sarah is trained in multiple styles of yoga including hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin and meditation.⠀

Sarah loves how yoga makes her feel, both mind and body. Being in the present state allows for mindfulness and gratitude to flourish. She enjoys the creative flows of vinyasa, as well as the rewards that the long slow hold has to offer. Her goal is to encourage everyone to find joy and ease in the movements on their mat, allowing this to flow over into other aspects of their lives. ⠀

Sarah loves helping people discover the feel-good aspects of yoga and hopes her students step of their mat feeling empowered, balanced and relaxed.⠀

We are so grateful that Sarah decided to 'go for it' with her Teacher Training Journey and is now teacher here with us at Yoga Fix. ⠀

Sarah oozes Yoga Fix Vibes all over the place, seriously... She is so cruisy, happy, welcoming, warm and just the right amount of sass and cheek to be the complete package. We love her, so you will too.