Class Descriptions & Recommendations for Newbies

Are you brand new to Yoga? And perhaps not sure which classes to start with?

No problems, feel free to attend any of these sessions to get some good basics and yoga foundations.

If you are not sure when you are ready to progress, just check with your instructor and they will be able to advise you.

PRE NATAL YOGA - Please note we take pre natal clients FROM 16 weeks or 12 weeks if you have been a regular client with Yoga Fix pre conception.

Below are also the recommended classes for any pre natal state client. 

*** by attending Yoga Fix in Pre Natal State you acknowledge Yoga Fix Mackay Instructors are not trained in Specific Pre Natal Yoga and any classes I attend I am responsible for my own body and practice with modifications as a mum to be. If I become Pre Natal State I will advise instructors to seek best possible yoga care for myself and my baby. 


4:00pm Beginner’s Power

5:45pm Beginner’s Power


5:45pm Long Slow Deep


9:15am Long Slow Flow

12:15pm EXPRESS Long Slow Flow


5:30pm Wind Down


10:00am Long Slow Flow


7:15am Long Slow Flow

9:00am Long Slow Flow



Monday 4:00pm & 5:45pm

Beginner's Power Yoga is great if you are feeling anxious about the Yoga World. In this class we keep it simple and safe for you to begin your yoga journey. Let us help you learn the basics and experience the benefits a simple yoga practice can bring you.


Monday & Friday 5:45am

Power yoga is a vigorous, fitness-based vinyasa-style yoga. Power yoga strengthens your body, increases flexibility, and promotes stamina as well as improving posture and balance.
In Power Yoga you will never be bored, as each class is different from the previous one. This sets this yoga apart from some other styles of yoga, where you are thought the same sequence time and time again.


Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday 5:45am

Fiit Yoga is a great little short and sweet high intensity fitness class fused with Yoga strengthening drills. 

We incorporate hand weights, cardio drills, resistance bands, blocks and bolsters to create a fun workout which makes up stronger and fitter for our Yoga practice. 

This class is far from traditional but adds fun, flare and mixes up our daily routines to keep our bodies and minds guessing. 

Be prepared to sweat and feel muscles that you didn't know existed, all in a fun and safe of course! 


Wednesday 5:45pm

Long Slow Deep focuses on holding poses for a longer period of time, rather that flowing through the movement. LSD is designed to provide you with a deep stretch throughout the poses. This class also helps to strengthen your mind to get the most out of your poses. 

This class is for everyone, those who are naturally flexible along with those who aren't. Everyone can benefit and grow from this class. 


Wednesday 5:30am & Saturday 8:30am

Our Strong Power Yoga Class is for those wanting to turn their practice up and upside down! 

During this Saturday session we will work on strengthening drills and poses to work our way into inversions safely and more importantly, work our way out of inversions safely!

We advise only intermediate to advanced yogi's attend this class but encourage anyone who is looking to advance their practice to join even if you may not be quite strong enough yet, the only way to to improve is by practice. 


Friday 5:30pm

Our Friday afternoon class is designed to release any tension and wind down from the working week. A simple flow along with some yummy stretches to dissolve any stress or simply tune out for an hour, create some calm and do some good for yourself.


Thursday 9:00am
Thursday 12:15pm (45 min express)
Saturday 10:00am 
Sunday 7:15am & 9:00am

Our Yin / restorative Long Slow Flow class is designed to bring complete peace, calm and rejuvenation to your entire being, a delicious flow which will invigorate your mind and body for your day and week ahead. 

This class is similar to our Wednesday and Friday evening class and suitable for all levels to do. 


I have been going to Yoga Fix for the past few weeks and have loved it. All of the instructors are really friendly and inviting. Would definitely recommend Yoga Fix to anyone wanting to try something new. Have already felt the benefits in my health and wellbeing.


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